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07 Jun 2016
Art and craft has become an essential part for the school curriculum. Students are now encouraged to get involved in making creative items for the purpose of decoration as well as for house hold purpose. Paper being the most available material it is considered to be the best ingredient that can be used for making trendy looking items. Making of Paper Ornaments have become one of the most popular creativity program in the school. Quilling of the paper to give it a trendy design for making ornaments such as ear rings, neck pieces, finger rings as well as hair bands is a common practice.

For making a beautiful paper ear ring all you need is some strips of colourful paper, some glue, some pins, a needle and a cork board. First of all the...

08 May 2015
These days, the relentless reporting of newspapers, magazines and television news have made people aware about the growing challenges ahead for the environment of our planet Earth. Pollution, cutting of trees, etc has put us on the brink of destruction. The awareness about the problems faced by the environment and the steps that needs to be taken to safeguard the same has helped in coming up of various products that are environment friendly. One of the products that pose no damage or harm to the environment is the handmade paper. These papers are manufactured by recycling old and used papers.

If used for the gift wrapping purpose, colourful and attractive Handmade Papers can be used. These days, there are many design companies that...