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07 Jun 2016
Art and craft has become an essential part for the school curriculum. Students are now encouraged to get involved in making creative items for the purpose of decoration as well as for house hold purpose. Paper being the most available material it is considered to be the best ingredient that can be used for making trendy looking items. Making of Paper Ornaments have become one of the most popular creativity program in the school. Quilling of the paper to give it a trendy design for making ornaments such as ear rings, neck pieces, finger rings as well as hair bands is a common practice.

For making a beautiful paper ear ring all you need is some strips of colourful paper, some glue, some pins, a needle and a cork board. First of all the strips of paper can be twisted to give a shape may be that of a flower or a star. The open ends should be glued so that they stick together. The shape thus formed should be kept on the cork board and should be pinned lightly so that it gets fixed up. When the glue dries out the beautiful paper ornament is ready, just attach it with the loops that will help you to wear it.

Ornaments made out of paper are trendy and give a very natural look different from all the others. Women always adore classic ornaments made up of gold, silver or precious stones. But a Paper Ornaments made by your little child will definitely give you more pleasure than anything.

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