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05 Mar 2016

Notion about handmade thing
Handmade things are Eco friendly and safe for the environment. Going green is a good decision to make a healthy lifestyle. Now the options are available as the handmade things.
The result of global warming is fearful before us as natural disasters like earthquake, floods, droughts and cyclone. To drink pure water and to breathe fresh air is going to seem typical in our daily life. Ever, you make a stop at the shop of Nature friendly things whenever you do have visit to any fair or exhibition. But it does not mean that anyone will leave trendy and fashionable things to use Eco friendly things. There are lots of handmade things who are attractive and funky to embellish the place.
Handmade Paper
In the light of festival like Christmas and Diwali, people buy mostly lighted product to enhance the beauty of the home. These electric lights are expensive and consume more electricity. Now, we can make this adorn light lamp at home. This gives a wow look whenever we see the hanging on the wall or on the ceiling. It looks amazing.
Variety of Paper Star Lamps
There is a variety of paper lanterns in the terms of material, colors, size and shape. So this depends on the choice what type of lamp, you want to make. The different variety of lamps are-
Printed and patterned lamps
Lace fabric lamps
Paper star lamps
Nylon stuff based lamp
Five point Star
Multi point star
Battery operated LED paper lamps


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